Thursday, November 20, 2008

In the News and Around the Blogosphere

Carl Hulse, NYTimes, Democrats Gain as Stevens Loses Race

DOJ Press Release, Miami Physicians Sentenced to Prison for Their Roles in a $6.8 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme  (one received 37 months and the other 48 months) 

DOJ Press Release, Former Congressional Legislative Assistant Pleads Guilty to Failing to Report Thousands of Dollars in Illegal Gifts from Lobbyists

DOJ Press Release, I.R.S. Revenue Agent Arrested After being Indicted on Charges of Tax fraud and Obstructing an Investigation

Karen Sloan, National Law Journal, Former U.S. prosecutor lands at King & Spalding

Sue Reisinger, Corporate Counsel, Mission Critical -The British government dropped a bribery probe of BAE, but U.S. prosecutors picked it up. In the meantime, BAE's GC cleaned up its act-enough to fend off an indictment?


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