Sunday, September 14, 2008

In the News and Blogosphere

DOJ Press Release, Two El Paso Businessmen and Their Companies Charged with Conspiracy to Rig Bids and Allocate Customers for Door and Hardware Installation

DOJ Press Release, Five Promoters of Tax Defiance Scheme Indicted for Tax Fraud

Mark J. Stein and Joshua A. Levine, N.Y. Law Jrl,, The Filip Memorandum: Does It Go Far Enough?

Kaye Scholer, New Developments: (i) The Department of Justice Announces Revisions to the McNulty Memorandum But Leaves Unanswered Questions About Privilege Waiver: and (ii) The Second Circuit Affirms Judge Kaplan's KPMG Ruling

Barry Bearak, Judge Dismisses Corruption Charges Against Leader of South Africa's Ruling Party

BLT - Blog of the Legal Times, Judge: Stevens' Trial Will Start on Time


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