Friday, June 20, 2008

The Government Files Notice of Appeal in the Snipes case

Following the pre-appeal motions in the Wesley Snipes case is not easy.  The latest is that the government filed a Notice of Appeal in the 11th Circuit ( Download usnoa_061908.pdf) and one has to figure they must be contesting the bail order granting Wesley Snipes bail pending appeal. The court in the Middle District of Florida granted bail finding that Wesley Snipes was not a flight risk and that the court was "not prepared to say that the issues on appeal are patently frivolous or asserted merely for purposes of delay." (see here).  It seemed simple - some courts grant bail and some deny it (see here).  When it is denied, one sees the accused before the appellate tribunal asking for relief.  But could it possible be that the government is appealing a bail order of a case involving misdemeanor convictions?


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