Sunday, May 4, 2008

Head of DOJ's Criminal Division Moving on

Alice Fisher has given notice of her intent to leave as the head of DOJ's criminal division.  The date of departure is set for May 23rd. In addition to her efforts in combatting international organized crime, chairing the Katrina Fraud Task Force, and her role in the Medicare Fraud Task Force, the department notes in a press release that:

"Ms. Fisher promoted efforts to ensure integrity in the government, including developing and chairing the National Procurement Fraud Task Force. Since its inception, the Task Force has charged, convicted, or brought civil actions in more than 300 cases, including 46 individuals or companies criminally charged in procurement fraud related matters to the global War on Terror. Additionally, the Criminal Division has led high profile public corruption investigations including the Abramoff prosecutions that have resulted in 12 convictions to date and the ongoing investigation into public corruption in state government in Alaska."

This departure allows AG Mukasey the opportunity to put "his person" in this powerful position. But with a relatively short tenure to the position, one has to wonder whether an outsider will be anxious to take this position.


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