Monday, April 7, 2008

Wecht Jury - Up to 11 days

The  Pittsburgh Tribune Review here and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette here report that there is still no verdict in the Wecht trial (see here for background).   So the question is - how long do you wait for a jury to decide?

Lets look at former Governor of Illinois Ryan's case, a case in which the jury eventually convicted.  The court seated the alternates in that case - here in Wecht's case they went with 11 jurors. But juror errors played a prominent role on Ryan's appeal.  Unfortunately for the defense, the 7th circuit affirmed (here) - although there was a strong dissent and that case has a petition for cert. pending (here) in the Supreme Court. 

In the Wecht case the jury is having a leisurely deliberation.  Interestingly this is a sharp contrast to some other juries -


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