Sunday, March 30, 2008

White Collar Offenders in Prison

With the increased sentences being given to non-violent white collar offenders, more and more are finding themselves being housed near or with those who commit violent acts.  Is it really necessary to spend the extra funds of a higher level security facility on those who are non-violent white collar offenders? It is also interesting to note that those who do not risk a trial and take a plea, are not only avoiding the risk of a higher sentence, but also the risk of being placed in a more restrictive environment. A perfect example here is Jamie Olis.  Olis initially went to a very secure facility because of the exhorbitant sentence given to him.  When his sentence was reduced he was sent to a less restrictive facility.  But even then - it is prison.  And as seen this past week, it was the facility near Olis where there was a prison riot and death. (see here)


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The myth that "whit collar criminals" are treated like visiting dignitaries in Fed Prison is an absolute myth. In fact they are looked upon, by the staff, as spoiled kids and are treated with disdain. The staff feels that these cons deserve to be treated with less respect then the violent cons. Some of it has to do with jealousy because of the money the WCC made, some of it is educationally differences, but the bottom line is that staff are undereducated and are substituting for their lack of success in their life by taking it out on the WCC.

Don't get me wrong the staff and the housing situation are terrible for eveyone in Prison. These warehouses are geared to keep recidivism high...there is nothing to do in Prison but time.

Posted by: Jeffrey J Moffie | Nov 14, 2008 4:18:59 AM

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