Saturday, March 29, 2008

AG Mukasey Takes on Intellectual Property Crime

One of the hardest criminal activities to investigate and prosecute are cybercrimes and other activities that may be occurring via the WorldWideWeb.  The identity of the perpetrator can be difficult to discern.  Some of these crimes involve Intellectual Property. In 2007, the DOJ filed 217 Intellectual Property cases.  This fact was brought out by AG Mukasey would gave a speech this past week, in California, emphasizing that intellectual property crimes will be a major focus in the DOJ. Mukasey stated:

"To put it simply, the continuing worldwide escalation of counterfeiting and piracy poses a threat to both our economy and public safety. Since that threat comes from so many different directions, our response has to proceed on several fronts. We need strong and coordinated law enforcement efforts, both at home and abroad; we need robust intellectual property laws; and we need adequate resources devoted to IP law enforcement."

The DOJ has moved beyond its role as prosecutors to become teachers, as Mukasey states:

It's imperative that countries work together on cases like these to ensure strong enforcement worldwide. To enhance that kind of cooperation, Justice Department lawyers have provided training and technical assistance to thousands of foreign prosecutors, investigators, and judges in more than a hundred countries.

Hopefully, there has been or will be comparable training to those who will be defending individuals charged with these crimes.


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