Thursday, February 7, 2008

Advertising For A Fraud Conviction

A Press Release of the US Attorneys Office for the Central District of California tells of a recent fraud conviction that started when an individual in the U.S. had a visa expire and decided that advertising for someone to marry on craigslist might remedy the problem.  So she placed 12 advertisements on the list and the evidence was that she "offered her would-be spouse as much as $15,000, stating: 'Green Card Marriage – Will pay $300/month Total $15,000' and 'This is strictly platonic business offer, sex not involved. NOT required to live together.'” 

A response followed, and the two were married.  And let me not forget that the press release says that the minister marrying the two was the boyfriend of the individual who advertised for the husband on Craigslist. Now both parties to the marriage are facing up to ten years in prison, as the individual who answered the advertisement previously plead guilty.


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