Monday, January 28, 2008

Political Liabilities

A front page political candidate can be just one of the many feeling the collateral consequences of a criminal indictment, or in this case a bond revocation. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama is feeling the sting of being associated with someone accused of criminal conduct. The NYTimes headline is One Time Obama Donor is Ordered Jailed; the Wall Street Jrl calls it Obama Supporter is Jailed, and the Chicago Tribune offers a less offensive title for the candidate in Bond For Tony Rezko Revoked, but then goes on to say how the more than $80,000 donated to the Obama campaign by the charged individual had been given to charity. Apparently prosecutors were concerned when a wire transfer from "Lebanon and Luxembourg"was used to pay off individuals who had assisted with the bond money  for the accused individual. A key issue on whether to allow bond pending trial is whether the accused would flee. This alleged wire payment raised questions concerning flight, and the judge therefore acted to minimize the risk. Unfortunately for Senator Obama, it happened to be someone who had contributed to his campaign. Now the question will be - why did this individual give so much money in political campaign contributions.


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