Monday, February 12, 2007

Jamie Olis Finally Moved

Jamie Olis, who will be in prison for 1000 days this coming Valentine's Day, has finally been moved to the FCI at Bastrop. He sat in the Houston Dentention Center for some of this time waiting to be reassigned following the reversal and remand of his sentence. (see here). Tom Kirkendall at Houston ClearThinkers discusses here the treatment that Olis received.   The Jamie Olis Story is one of the saddest in the white collar area.  A young man who goes to trial and ends up with a lengthy prison sentence while his fomer boss who pleads serves substantially less. And although his original resentence was cut down, this case is a classic for understanding prosecutorial power and for understanding the cost of taking a risk and availing oneself of the right to a jury trial.


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