Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mukasey Confirmed

Did we miss it?  Did the world miss it?  The Washington Post reported (here) that Mukasey was confirmed as the next United States Attorney General with a 53-40 vote.  One interesting player may be Evan Bayh (D. Indiana) who voted in favor of this confirmation.


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What to Call the White Collar Attorneys

In the big law firms, where do you find the white collar attorneys? 

For many years there were firms that avoided having any association with criminal matters, after all the business clients wouldn't need this type of work.  Then I saw the rise of "special matters" sections in some of the larger law firms.  It is interesting today to see firms openly advertising that they handle white collar cases.  Today, the white collar practice can include everything from corporate compliance work to handling searches of a client's company or grand jury subpoenas. So it is not surprising to see a headline in the Winston Salem Journal (here) telling that Kilpatrick and Stockton was announcing that it had "formed a special-investigations and white-collar-crime team, which will be led by new partner Scott Marrah," a former AUSA from New York.


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