Monday, August 13, 2007

Is the Government Leaking Information to the Press?

The NYTimes has an article titled, "5 Reporters Ordered to Testify About Government Sources."


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The Passing of Max Kravitz


The white collar crime blog mourns the passing of Max Kravitz, a law professor and criminal defense attorney. As noted on the Capital Law School website, "[h]e began teaching in 1976 and over his 30+ years as an educator, he had taught criminal law, criminal procedure, advanced criminal procedure, federal criminal law, and capital punishment litigation and practiced and taught in the law school legal clinic."  Professor Kravitz had the rare gift of mixing the academic and practice world to benefit his students and colleagues.   He handled many a white collar case and was a member of the Board of Governors of the American Board of Criminal Lawyers. (see listing Kravitz, Brown & Dortch).


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Rove to Leave White House

Karl Rove, clearly a point of contention with many scrutinizing the White House, has announced that he will leave his position as  White House Deputy Chief of Staff at the end of the month. (see Washington Post, Wall Street Jrl).  Rove appeared five times before the Grand Jury that investigated the CIA leak, but unlike Scooter Libby did not face indictment. (see here) Recently his testimony has also been sought related to the "firing" of U.S. Attorneys. Like Harriet Miers, who left the White House, he likely will continue to argue for Executive Privilege when Congress seeks to question him. (see here)  But one has to wonder whether more pressure placed on securing his testimony will serve as a source of increased profits to him when he eventually writes the book.


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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Frat Embezzlement

The Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required) reports on an individual associated with a fraternity pleading guilty to embezzling "more than $940,000 from the Greek organization."

(esp)(w/ a Stetson hat tip to Dean Darby Dickerson)

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Second Annual National Institute on Securities Fraud

The ABA's second National Institute on Securities Fraud is set for October 25-26th at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, D.C. The program is described as follows:

"Is the Enron era of massive financial fraud over?  Will the internationalization of securities fraud enforcement ever end?  Is the options backdating scandal a blip on the radar screen or a long term full-time employment act for the defense bar?  Learn insights from the very best of the profession -- judges, prosecutors, regulators, academics, compliance officers and defense counsel – about what to expect next and how to prepare for these new developments in the ever present, headline-making area of securities fraud.  The Second Annual Securities Fraud National Institute will provide an in-depth, cutting edge and rewarding educational experience for all practitioners, including prosecutors, regulators, compliance officers and defense counsel. Top officials and luminaries from the SEC, DOJ, law schools, the judiciary, corporations and top-tier law firms will share their insights concerning a multitude of important subjects including:

• How in-house lawyers evolved from counselors to targets

• Prosecution theories that do not hold up on appeal

• The long international arm of US securities laws

• The importance of loss calculations in both civil and criminal cases

• The return of insider trading"

For registration details see here.


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