Monday, July 23, 2007

Spitzer Spitzered

Improper use of State Police to secure information on his rival?  The New York Times reports on happenings in the Spitzer camp.  And the paper also reports on the quick action taken by Governor Spitzer in response to the report that questioned ethical practices by those around him. The question will be whether any possible improprieties in his office should have been monitored by him.  There will be no question that he responded immediately by taking action against individuals suspected of wrongdoing.  It is odd to see the tables turned with Spitzer who has been tough on so many, now having to face questions.


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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Identity Theft

A growing problem in the United States is identity theft. It is, therefore, good to see DOJ taking steps to combat this activity and to assist those who are victims of these crimes.  Late last week DOJ proposed "legislation that seeks to update and improve current laws aimed at protecting Americans from the increasingly sophisticated crime of identity theft."  The bill is titled the Identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution Act of 2007. According to a DOJ Press Release, one of the provisions  in the bill would allow for "victims of identity theft [to] recover the value of the time lost attempting to repair damage inflicted by identity theft." The Act also "would amend the identity theft and aggravated identity theft statutes" and "would add several new crimes to the list of aggravated identity theft offenses."


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Police Indicted in Alleged Bribery Scheme

Two police officers in Larado were charged federally "by a Houston grand jury in a 53-count indictment with conspiracy to receive bribe money from the owners/operators of "eight-liner" gambling establishments engaged in illegal gambling activity in exchange for providing protection from law enforcement action." (See press release here).


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