Thursday, October 18, 2007

Here Comes the Next AG

The confirmation hearings for Judge Michael Mukasey before the Senate Judiciary Committee went about as smoothly as anyone might want.  Mukasey told the panel that he did not agree with the Department of Justice's 2002 torture memo, and would make sure that there was no political interference with prosecutorial decisions.  That was music to the ears of the Senators on the Committee, along with this statement in his prepared remarks (here):

[Y]ou have been generous with your time and your advice in the past couple of weeks. I believe that the Department’s relationship with this Committee and with Congress is vital to fulfilling its mission. I want to assure you that, if confirmed, I will always appreciate and welcome your advice, as I have since my nomination, and that I and others in the Department will try to be available to you. In that spirit, I am ready to answer the questions you have for me today.

There's nothing like playing to the audience, and he has been endorsed by Senator Charles Schumer and other foes of the Bush Administration.  The eighty-first Attorney General should be in office fairly soon, at which point a key issue for Mukasey will be filling the many openings in senior positions. A Reuters story (here) discusses the hearing. (ph)

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