Friday, October 12, 2007

DoJ Sets National Counter-Proliferation Initiative

The Department of Justice is using the task force approach targeting illegal exports of restricted U.S. military and dual-use technology to foreign nations and terrorist organizations.  According to a press release (here) states that the National Counter-Proliferation Initiative will address a growing problem, and that "China and Iran pose particular U.S. export control concerns. The majority of U.S. criminal export prosecutions in recent years have involved restricted U.S. technology bound for these nations as opposed to others. Recent prosecutions have highlighted illegal exports of stealth missile technology, military aircraft components, Naval warship data, night vision equipment, and other restricted technology destined for China or Iran." The Initiative involves the Department’s National Security Division, which will meet with "districts with large concentrations of high-tech businesses and research facilities -- all of which are potential targets for illegal foreign acquisition efforts -- as potential venues for new task forces."  A report (here) summarizes export control prosecutions in the past year. (ph)

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