Friday, September 14, 2007

NFL and MLB Cooperation in HGH Investigation

A Yahoo story (here) discusses the ongoing investigation of an Orlando pharmacy that shipped human growth hormones (HGH) to various professional athletes, apparently including National Football League and Major League Baseball players.  The investigation by Albany, New York, District Attorney David Soares has triggered different responses from the leagues.  According to Soares, the NFL has been cooperative and he has been willing to share information with the league about players whose names have come up in the case.  With MLB, on the other hand, Soares claims there has been less cooperation, and he has been unwilling to provide information to the league about players who may have received HGH.  He met with former Senator George Mitchell, who is conducting the investigation of steroid use, on September 13 to discuss the investigation, and another Yahoo story (here) describes it as "productive."  But, Soares apparently will not share information unless the league is willing to produce players for interviews with the DA's office.  That may be a tough one for MLB, however, because the players' union is likely to balk at any effort to force players to speak with the DA's office, which could lead to a stalemate.

The names of three major league players who apparently received HGH from the pharmacy have already leaked out, although Soares denies the information came from his office.  Whether baseball will be able to get information about HGH use by its players from the DA remains to be seen, but with Mitchell's investigation apparently moving forward at leat a little bit in an effort to gather information about players, there could be more damaging revelations about the use of performance-enhancing substances to further blacken baseball's eyes. (ph)

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