Saturday, August 11, 2007

Republican National Committee Continues to Resist Subpoena for Documents

When Congress is out of session, especially in the dog days of summer, little of interest emerges from Capitol Hill, especially on a Friday.  What better day to deliver a letter explaining the decision to refuse to comply with a Congressional subpoena, which is what the Republican National Committee did regarding documents related to the firing of nine U.S. Attorneys.  It turns out a number of senior White House officials used their RNC e-mails to conduct what is ostensibly government business, and the House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the documents that it has been unable to get directly from the President's offices.  Unfortunately, as explained in a letter from the RNC's counsel to Chairman John Conyers (here), the President's claim of Executive Privilege means the party organization will not provide the documents until the dispute with Congress is resolved.  The letter states, "We believe the RNC's decision to defer to the President's assertion of executive privilege is particularly appropriate here in light of the absence, short of a contempt proceeding, of a meaningful opportunity for the RNC to obtain judicial relief if a negotiated agreement cannot be reached."  No great shock in that position.  (ph)

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