Thursday, August 30, 2007

DoD Steps Up Its Efforts to Find Fraud in Iraqi Contracts

The military is stepping up its investigations of fraud, bribery, and kickbacks related to the Iraq war and rebuilding program.  According to an AP article (here), the Army will look at up to 18,000 contracts that have been issued since 2003 to determine whether there has been fraud in the issuance of them, or waste and abuse of government services.  The Department of  Defense will send its Inspector General, Claude Kicklighter, and a team of investigators to Iraq to "take a look at overall contracting procedures,"  according to an Armed Forces Press Service article (here).  There have been embarrassing revelations lately of officers and civilians taking bribes to award no-bid contracts, so the effort to root out fraud is probably long overdue when contracts have been issued over the past four years for billions of dollars. (ph)

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