Monday, August 27, 2007

Commentary on the Resignation of AG Alberto Gonzales

This has been a troubled time for the Office of the Attorney General.  For years the office was seen as a top quality place where the best of the best students went upon graduation.  They were there to serve their country.  And although politics has long played a role in the individual appointment of U.S. Attorneys in the 93/94 different offices, the moment the individual took the oath as the U.S. Attorney, the politics was supposed to end.  More importantly, there was to be no politics among the appointment of the many attorneys and staff who worked in the office.  This was a government office - a place for civil servants to work and serve their country.

The reign of AG Gonzalez was different.  From what was a non-political office, it became a place where politics suddenly mattered.  The "firing" of US Attorneys set the snowball rolling to open up to the public these transgressions in the office.  And at the height of the storm, AG Gonzalez continued in the office, despite many calling for his resignation.

One has to respect Gonzalez for now stepping down.  Many will say he should have done it sooner, and many will probably wish to continue to criticize what happened here.  It is important to investigate this scenario to learn from this experience so that what happened here does not happen again.  It is also important to move on and regain respect for this important office. Thank you AG Gonzalez for allowing this to happen.


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