Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bid-Rigging Indictment

A press release of the DOJ reports on a recent Indictment "charging a commercial refrigeration company and its co-owner with participating in a conspiracy to rig bids on contracts for the installation of commercial refrigeration equipment in Safeway Inc. grocery stores in the Phoenix metropolitan area."  The alleged Sherman Act violation alleges that the former president and company charged, along with others, "[d]iscussed among themselves the submission of bids; [a]greed to allocate bids among themselves according to which company had a maintenance agreement in place at a particular grocery store; [s]olicited other individuals to join and facilitate the conspiracy; [d]esignated which company would submit the low bid and submitted a rigged bid; and [a]ccepted payment from Safeway for work done as a result of the conspiracy."


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