Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Libby Hearing Today

The House Judiciary Committee discussing Libby's sentence commutation is set for today, with Professor Doug Berman of the Sentencing Law & Policy Blog scheduled to speak.  For details see his blog here. And while you are over at Doug Berman's blog, be sure and check out Margy Love's Commentary.

One can't change the course of events the President started in issuing this commutation.  But clearly, this is the right time to begin the discussion on why sentences have reached the "excessive" level. This is most definitely a time to put aside politics and explore why non-violent first offenders are being given "excessive" sentences. For additional discussion see my piece in the Yale L.J. Pocket Part titled, Throwing Away the Key



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Great article in the Yale Journal. I've never understood why legislators want such excessive sentences. You're right about the difference in harms. Moreover, the public is further harmed by having to pay for a 20-30 year sentence for an individual unlike to re-offend (and more likely to contribute positively to the economic welfare of the country post-conviction). I'm a conservative, but this is an area where I disagree with most conservatives.

Posted by: anonymous | Oct 10, 2008 6:26:15 AM

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