Monday, June 11, 2007

Gonzales Skates

It was no surprise to see that there were not quite enough supporters to progress to a vote that could sound the "no confidence" note against Attorney General Gonzales. (see NYTimes here, Washington Post here)  And although it was seven votes shy of the sixty needed to move to the voting arena, it sends a strong message that many are not happy about the way things are running in the DOJ house. Some may think that Gonzales should be satisfied that he can continue without a "no confidence" brand on his tenure in office.

For all the law school deans out there- would you stay in your position if more than half of your faculty wanted to take a vote on whether there was "no confidence" in you or your performance? Would this not be a sign to move on?


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You assume General Gonzalez has integrity. He is more than happy to keep up the work of shaming the office of Robert Kennedy until Jan 20, 2009. And being the cash whore we all know he will become, go on the lecture circuit celebrating how great and misunderstood he was as AG for 4 years.

Posted by: 1LLove | Jun 12, 2007 3:44:35 PM

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