Thursday, June 21, 2007

Conrad Black = "Stubborn but Innocent"

The prosecution of Lord Conrad Black and three other defendants has reached the final argument stage, when pithy phrases are tucked into seemingly endless discussions of the details of the case.  Lord Black's attorney, Edward Genson, completed his closing by going into a second day that reiterated themes set forth in the opening, such as "Being wealthy doesn't make you a bad man" and "He is a little bit of a stubborn man but an innocent man."  Unlike television shows, which make closing arguments appear to be little more than soundbites that take only a few minutes to summarize the case, this one promises to stretch into a second week of listening to the lawyers for the four defendants and the federal prosecutors, according to a Chicago Tribune story (here).  Then come the jury instructions, which could well take most a day to deliver to the jurors.  Only then might peace and quiet reign as everyone waits for the jury to return its verdict. (ph)

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