Sunday, May 13, 2007

Joining Federal, State, and Local Investigators Together

Cooperation is an important part of investigations.  But the cooperation is not merely a function of the police or government agents finding someone to provide them with information.  In some instances, it is the pooling of information by local, state, and federal officers.  In the white collar area, administrative agencies also play an important function in the investigative process. A recent task force that netted arrests demonstrates the effective combination of several entities working together to investigate and arrest individuals.  According to a Press Release of the DOJ, recent arrests in "the Southern District of Florida are the result of the establishment of a multi-agency team of federal, state and local investigators designed specifically to combat Medicare fraud through the use of real-time analysis of Medicare billing data."  The press release also notes that "[s]ince the first phase of strike force operations began on March 1, 2007 in southern Florida, the strike force has obtained indictments of individuals and organizations that have collectively billed the Medicare program for $142,061, 059."


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