Sunday, April 1, 2007

When Will the AG Be Allowed to Explain the "Firings"?

When will Attorney General Gonzales get to explain?

Bloomberg here reports on the problems faced by the AG -- who now wants to speak to the Senate Judiciary Committee sooner then initially planned. What is particularly ironic here is that the Attorney General is being faced with an issue seen by many charged with a crime.  Although the AG is not charged with criminal conduct, and none is alleged here, he wants to clear his name and explain the circumstances of the "firings." Those accused of crimes, who proclaim their innocence, are often faced with their names and reputations being tarnished.  Some will seek to have a hearing or trial sooner so that their innocence will be shown. Many, however, have to wait for the set trial hearings or actual trial date to finally tell their side of the story. AG Gonzales may be realizing that the collateral consequences prior to being given a chance to explain can be very harmful to individuals who believe they have done nothing wrong and seek to clear their name.


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