Friday, April 6, 2007

They Are Dropping Like Flies

The latest in the Attorney General "firings" matter is the resignation of Monica Goodling.  Goodling had been a senior advisor to AG Gonzales, in addition to being the DOJ liasion to the White House.  Clearly this is a tough position to be in when being asked to now answer questions about the sudden departure of several United States Attorneys in various parts of the country. It was announced that she would be taking the 5th Amendment as opposed to responding to congressional questions. (see here)

Also stepping down were three AUSAs in Minnesota. 

Several things seem clear.  1) Gonzales will have a lot to explain in his upcoming testimony. 2) This matter will not just disappear. 3) Someone - who is independent - needs to obtain all the emails and information and investigate if there has been any wrongdoing here.

(See also Washington Post, CBS News - The Politico, Wall Street Jrl,).


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