Monday, April 9, 2007

Keep Your Eye on the Inglesias Issue

The DOJ attorney dismissal fiasco just doesn't seem to go away.  And the departure of former U.S. Attorney Inglesias is clearly one that merits closer scrutiny.  The Washington Post reports that Inglesias has filed a complaint that his "dismissal amounted to discrimination based on his status as an officer in the Navy Reserve." And the Washington Post also discusses Senator Domenici's connection to Inglesias.

In the meantime, the NYTimes is reporting that Senators want more documents.  And they should be asking for more.  It is not enough to limit this inquiry to emails of those who left posts as US Attorneys.  What perhaps is more frightening is whether any who remain in office had to make any concessions or proceed in a certain way to appease political influences.


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What of the rumblings that another strategy at play in the United States attorney shakeup is getting White-House approved conservatives the appropriate credentials for appointment to the federal bench? It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but a USA slot is often a stepping stone to the federal bench.

Posted by: a | Apr 11, 2007 9:16:24 AM

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