Tuesday, April 10, 2007

House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Gonzales to Produce Documents

The House Judiciary Committee has sent a formal letter and subpoena to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales requesting that he produce at 2 P.M. on April 16th a list of documents.  The subpoena and accompanying letter include documents related to the termination of former U.S. Attorneys.   It explicitly requests that certain items being requested be "complete and unredacted."  It does, however, exclude certain private information and other information, such as "non-public information that pertains solely to an open criminal investigation."  The letter accompanying the subpoena notes "[t]he Department is currently withholding significant information concerning U.S. Attorneys who were considered for termination but were ultimately retained, and concerning individuals considered as replacement candidates."  The letter also states that "[u]nder these circumstances, you must understand why we cannot accept the Department's unilateral judgment as to how much of this information it needs to disclose, or its unilateral judgment as to whether limited viewing of certain information, on Department premises and under Department supervision, and with no copying or note-taking permitted, is sufficient to permit effective and efficient review."



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