Sunday, April 8, 2007

Gonzales Related

Three interesting articles related to the US Attorney happenings -

1.  Richard Cohen has a column in the Washington Post titled, "Gonzales the Cipher"  that compares the AGs memos written to Bush on death penalty cases, when Bush was Governor, to his present handling of the controversy in his office.

2.  Carl Hulse of the NYTimes has a story looking at Senator Peter Dominici's role as it relates to the former United States Attorney David C. Inglesias departure from the U.S. Attorney's office.   Was there interference on a potential federal prosecution?  Did Inglesias suffer because he would not play politics? As the investigation unfolds, these are questions that are likely to be at the forefront.

3. And as it all heats up for Gonzales, it looks like he is practicing his testimony.  According to a Washington Post article by Dan Eggen and Paul Kane, Gonzales is off preparing for what awaits him when he will have answer the comments of those in the legislature.


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