Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Abramoff Related: FBI Contacting the Press for Info

Just when you think the Jack Abramoff matter is over, the newspaper reports something new.  The Orlando Sentinel reports that the DOJ has asked for more information of fellow Scotland golfer, the former speaker of the Florida  House,  Rep. Tom Feeney.  But the more interesting aspect of this article relates to a telephone call received by an Orlando Sentinel reporter.  The telephone call from an FBI agent sought information from the newspaper reporter, and the editor of the paper is saying that they didn't have "a firm understanding of what the FBI is looking for."  If one calls the press and asks for information on a matter that would be press worthy, it seems likely that the press will follow the lead.  One has to wonder if this article in the Orlando Sentinel would have been written, at least at this time, if the telephone call had not been made.  And why was a call also made to the St Pete Times?



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