Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Libby Jury's Emily Litella Moment

The jury considering the charges against I. Lewis Libby has been remarkably quiet since receiving the case on February 21, initially asking only for some office supplies and pictures of witnesses.  Aside from the dismissal of a juror for contact with media reports about the trial, not much has emerged about the pace of the deliberations, and even when they asked a puzzling question they took it back the next morning.  A note from the jurors (here thanks to TalkLeft) asked about the meaning of Count 3 of the indictment, charging Libby with making a false statement to the FBI about his conversation with Time reporter Matthew Cooper.  Another note (here), sent before U.S.  District Judge Reggie Walton could answer the question, came out saying that "we are clear on what we need to do.  No further clarification needed.  Thank you.  We apologize."  This may be among the most courteous juries around.  It's not clear where they are in the deliberations, unless one assumes they began with Count 1 and so are at least through the first two, which may not be the case at all.  The jury watch continues, second only to watching paint dry on the courthouse walls. (ph)

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