Monday, March 12, 2007

Omaha, Nebraska?

A DOJ Press Release discusses the recent indictment on 23 counts of alleged hackers who are based in India. The release states that "[a] federal grand jury in Omaha, Neb., has indicted three individuals on charges of conspiracy, fraud and aggravated identity theft stemming from a high-tech, international fraud scheme designed to hijack online brokerage accounts for profit . . ."  The press release also states, that "[a]s part of this ongoing investigation, at least 60 customers and nine brokerage firms in the United States and elsewhere have been identified as victims, with one of the brokerage firms reporting more than $2 million in losses."  The release does not tell why the case was filed in Omaha, Nebraska.


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I believe the reason why the US Attorney in Omaha, NE has "venue" in this case is because quite a few of the hacking/intrusion victims were on-line clients of TD Ameritrade and their Corporate HQ is in Omaha, NE.

It's my opinion that the US Attorney in Omaha, NE would make a much better Attorney General than Alberto Gonzales.

Posted by: SEC/NASD Enforcement Bull | Mar 13, 2007 2:50:05 AM

For information on TD Ameritrade and its home being Omaha, Nebraska - see

Posted by: ellen | Mar 13, 2007 6:14:22 AM

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