Sunday, February 4, 2007

"Operation Dollar Bill"

The U.S. Attorney in Rhode Island, Robert Clark Corrente, seems to be making alleged public corruption on the state level a major focus of his office. According to an article by Mike Stanton in the Providence Journal, this U.S. Attorney has been busy investigating cases that may now number "'14 active investigations' of 7 politicians and 7 corporations for possible influence peddling." 

This is also an office that seems to be looking at other white collar crimes. Just this week Corrente's office had a sentencing hearing that came from a plea in another white collar case involving an individual pleading to 6 counts of bankruptcy fraud.  The press release from his office states that the defendant was sentenced to "eight months in prison, followed by eight months home confinement, for making false statements and concealing real estate assets in a bankruptcy filing."  There was also the sentences received by former executives of the Roger Williams Medical Center (see here).

Although there have been many federal investigations of state activity, this most recent public corruption investigation is one to definitely watch.


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