Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Two Former College Administrators Avoid Prison Time

Two former college administrators of Morris Brown College in Georgia were sentenced for their involvement in "a financial aid fraud scheme." A press release of the U.S. Attorney of the Northern District of Georgia finds the US Attorney supporting the sentence of no prison time, following the entry of guilty pleas.  He stated, "[t]he facts of the case and the personal circumstances of the defendants support the sentences imposed upon these defendants today."  He noted that this was a

"difficult case on many levels.  When the defendants arrived at Morris Brown, the college was already in serious financial condition.  Thereafter, these defendants misappropriated and misapplied federal Department of Education money in fairly complicated ways to what appears to have been a misguided and ultimately criminal attempt to keep Morris Brown afloat."

This is indeed a sad case.  One has to wonder the extent to which university administrators are trained to handle difficult financial situations.  The Atlanta Jrl Constitution article notes that defense counsel stated at the sentencing hearing that neither of their clients "benefited personally from the fraud."


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Hi, I am currently collecting research for a graduate paper I am writing on "White Collar Crime in Higher Education" and was wondering if you can provide me with some similar sources to the above article? I discovered research on this topic to be extremely limited, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Posted by: Mike | Mar 27, 2007 1:15:52 PM

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