Sunday, January 21, 2007

National Procurement Fraud Task Force

After an incredible record with the Katrina Task Force, Assistant AG of the Criminal Division, Alice S.Fisher, in conjunction this time with Paul McNulty, DOJ's Deputy Attorney General (a person under fire for the recent McNulty Memo), appear to be getting the National Procurement Fraud Task Force off the ground.  To date there have been several indictments forthcoming from this task force. These include:

  • A former army office defense contractor convicted of wire fraud and bribery - here
  • A former U.S. Army contractor pleading to bribery and a tax violation - here
  • A former Tammi Global Exec being sentenced in a kickback scheme -   here

This task force is one that deserves close scrutiny to see if Alice Fisher's incredible results with the Katrina Task Force can be replicated in this new fraud task force.


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