Monday, October 9, 2006

The White Collar Crime Law Practice

Wall Street Jrl reporter Nathan Koppel has a wonderful article here that highlights Attorney Cristina Arguedas' white collar crime practice. This is an interesting article, especially  for anyone who attended the ABA White Collar Crime section meetings years back when there were very few women in the room.    Even today, there are few women representing individuals charged in the major white collar cases.  It is nice to see a newspaper reporter highlighting a women who has achieved this success.


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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Identity Theft Indictments in Operation French Fry

One of the top problems of the day in the white collar crime arena is identity theft. Debra Wong Yang, the USA for the Central District of California is confronting this problem directly with indictments and prosecutions.  According to a press release from her office, here, the "Orange County Identity Theft Task Force has charged nearly four dozen [alleged] identity thieves who [allegedly] targeted the mails, banks, mortgage companies, stores and other sources to steal checks, credit cards and information that were used to cause millions of dollars in losses." The name of the task force's operation to "dismantle[ ] a credit card 'skimming' ring" is "called Operation French Fry."


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McGeorge Law School Program on Corruption

Rethinking Corruption: An Interdisciplinary Look at a Fundamental Problem. 

On Friday, 27 October 2006, the Center’s Institute for Global Business will sponsor a symposium
Rethinking Corruption: An Interdisciplinary Look at a Fundamental Problem.

Does corruption matter in today’s globalized economy? Or has it been overtaken by money laundering and terrorism as the central focus of international business regulation? Did it ever matter? Do current regulatory responses deter or contain corruption? Are enforcement and compliance actions effective in impeding corruption? The leaders in international economic development theory, international business regulation, and transnational corporate practice will offer thoughts and rethoughts on the impact of corruption on development, contemporary national and multilateral responses, the current state of play - and concrete recommendations for effective deterrence.

This program has been approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by The State Bar of California in the amount of five (5) hours for one day. The University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law certifies that this activity conforms to the standards for approved educational activities prescribed by the rules and regulations of The State Bar of California governing minimum continuing legal education.

To Register, please or contact Connie Neumann at 916 739 7019,


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New Book - Collateral Consquences

Attorney Margaret Colgate Love, who served as the Pardon Attorney in the Department of Justice before entering private practice, has a new book that focuses on collateral consequences, a topic that can be important in many white collar cases. The book is titled, "Relief from the Collateral Consequencs of Conviction: A State-by-State Resource Guide."  The brochure states:

"The guide is the first comprehensive survey of U.S. laws and practices that allow an ex-offender to overcome or mitigate the collateral legal consequences of a criminal conviction. It begins with short analytical pieces on executive pardon, judicial expungement and sealing, deferred adjudication and set-aside, certificates of rehabilitation, and laws that limit consideration of conviction in connection with employment and licensing. The heart of the guide is its detailed descriptions for each U.S. jurisdiction of available relief mechanisms and how they operate. Also included are charts that allow easy state-to-state comparisons. The guide is an invaluable resource for policymakers and researchers dealing with the legal barriers to offender reentry, and for practitioners at every level of the justice system, and for offenders who are trying to put their past behind them."

The book can be ordered here and the brochure is found here - Download brochure.334160.pdf


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