Tuesday, August 1, 2006

ABA Securities Fraud Conference

The ABA National Institute on Securities Fraud Conference is set for September 28-29th in Washington, D.C.  For details see here.


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NACDL White Collar Crime Conference

NACDL and Georgetown Law Center CLE will present a 2-day White Collar seminar at the Georgetown Law School in Washington, DC, September 14 - 15, 2006. For details see here.


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New Criminal Law Review

New Criminal Law Review joins University of California Press

JOURNAL FORMERLY PUBLISHED AS BUFFALO CRIMINAL LAW REVIEW BEGINS QUARTERLY PUBLICATION WINTER 2007 Berkeley, CA, July, 28, 2006. University of California Press Journals + Digital Publishing is proud to announce that commencing with Volume 10, Issue 1, it will begin publishing New Criminal Law Review: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal. Focused on examinations of crime and punishment in domestic, transnational, and international contexts, New Criminal Law Review provides timely, innovative commentary and in-depth scholarly analysis on a wide range of criminal law topics. The journal encourages a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches and is a crucial resource for criminal law professionals in both academia and the criminal justice system.

Subscription and other information can be found here


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Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Low Sentence for a Cooperator

The Wall Street Jrl reports here on a two year probation sentence given to the former finance chief at Qwest.  She has been cooperating with the government in the case against former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio.  As noted here, the Indictment against Nacchio for insider trading did not provide an indication of how the government intended to prove its case. 


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DC Circuit Says Jefferson Can Review Documents

According to the Washington Post here, Rep. William Jefferson is entitled to review items seized by the government prior to the government obtaining the documents.  Jefferson will be given the opportunity to claim whether materials are within the legislative privilege. Previously, the court held that there was no constitutional violation by the government's seizure of these documents (see post here).  Placing this limit on the government may not materially effect the evidence the government receives, but it certainly lets the government know that there will be limits to the actions that it takes.


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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Janet Reno Welcomed at NACDL Conference

Janet Reno, former Attorney General, received a standing ovation at the Friday luncheon of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) Conference in Miami, Florida.  Reno, who when Attorney General strictly enforced 6050I violations, including proceeding against criminal defense lawyers, was welcomed to this group.  She spoke of several items, including the importance of juvenile justice and protections for the innocent.   

It is interesting to see how past Attorney General's are being compared to the present officer-holder, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. (see Ruth Marcus Column in the Miami Herald here)


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