Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blogging Conference at Harvard

I had the pleasure of being a commentator at the recent Harvard Blogging Conference. Many at this conference have spent incredible amounts of time reporting in their blogs the details of this event.  Although it was truly wonderful (with enormous credit to Professor Paul Caron and the Harvard Berkman Center), I will refrain from reporting here on all the blog discussion and return to our topic - white collar crime.  But for those with an interest, Ian Best here has a wonderful compilation of blog discussion of this conference.


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The Enron Tour

The Tampa Tribune here tells about the latest tour in Houston - The Enron Tour.  Yes, it cost thirty (30) dollars and its a bus guided tour of key Enron spots in Houston. ( see tour here) For example, the tour includes a stop at Fastow's place.  And  the Tampa Tribune reports that it was booked solid in the immediate days before Ken Lay testified .


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Scrushy & Siegelman Trial Open Today

Richard Scrushy, previously acquitted in a federal trial involving his activities with HealthSouth, will begin his second trial today.  Scrushy is charged with conspiracy, bribery, and mail fraud for "allegedly making two hidden payments totaling $500,000 in 1999 and 2000 to then-Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman in return for a spot on a state regulatory panel that oversees HealthSouth and other health-care providers. " See Wall Street Journal here.

His co-defendants at trial include former Governor Don Siegelman, who is on trial in the height of his campaign for the Democratic Nomination for Governor of Alabama.

This trial may prove to be as fascinating at Scrushy's last trial. The Wall Street Journal here describes events occurring outside the courtroom.


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This Week in Enronville

Ken Lay will be back on the witness stand Monday as he answers questions on cross-examination.  This will be followed by a defense re-direct of Lay.  After Lay, the defense is likely to present some character witnesses.  For full details see the Washington Post answer to questions here.  And for a wonderful review of events from last week, check out the Tom Kirkendall's Houston Clear Thinkers here.


Addendum - For a "descriptive" view of Ken Lay's testimony see the Wall Street Jrl here.

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