Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Just Another Fraud?

Fraud Update alerts us to a press release of the Middle District of Tennessee that reports that:

". . . a resident of Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida, was convicted by a federal jury yesterday of attempting to bilk hundreds of businesses out of millions of dollars. Jordan was convicted of mail fraud and aggravated identity theft for attempting to induce hundreds of businesses to mail their electric utility payments to a Post Office Box that he controlled in Nashville."

It kind of reminds one of the case of United States v. Mangan, 575 F.2d 32 (2d Cir. 1978), a case where an IRS agent and his brother were filing tax returns to secure the refund checks. Circuit Judge Friendly in affirming the conviction states, "Fraud, Lord Macnaghten said, Reddaway v. Banham, (1896) A.C. 199, 211, is 'infinite in variety.' These appeals reveal a variety new at least to us."



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