Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hopscotching Across the USA

Once a defendant enters the prison system, the system takes over.  Where they land can be a function of many factors.  Often unnoticed, however, is how long it may take until they get there and where they may stop along the way. Many white collar offenders are fortunate in that they may be allowed to report directly to the final destination.  But not all are given this luxury. Take Jamie Olis, for instance - he is spending his third bithday in prison today - and so far he has seen the insides of FCI in Bastro, Tx., then the FCI in Oakdale, Louisiana and then onto Houston's Federal Dentention Center. As Tom Kickendall's Houston Clear Thinkers states here, "Olis has now endured almost a year in his cramped Detention Center cell and still has not been assigned to a prison unit to serve the balance of his sentence. This despite the fact that he was resentenced three months ago and a number of federal criminal defendants sentenced after Olis -- including Skilling, Fastow and Causey -- have already been assigned to the prisons where they will serve their sentences."


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