Friday, November 17, 2006

Fourth Defendant Pleads Guilty in New Hapmshire Phone Jamming Investigation

Even with the 2006 midterm elections past, there is still fall-out in New Hampshire from the elections four years ago from an effort to jam the telephones of organizations involved in a get-out-the-vote effort on behalf of Democratic candidates.  A fourth defendant in the case, Shaun Hansen, entered a guilty plea to two counts of harassment by interstate telephone calls through a marketing firm, Mylo Enterprises, he used to own.  Two defendants entered guilty pleas, Allen Raymond, former president of a Virginia communications consulting company, and Charles McGee, former Executive Director of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, while James Tobin, former New England Regional Chairman of the Republican National Committee, was convicted by a jury in December 2005 for his part in the scheme.  According to a Department of Justice press release (here):

Hansen admitted that he was contacted by others involved in the scheme and asked to assist in making harassing phone calls to five telephone numbers associated with the New Hampshire Democratic Party and one number associated with the Manchester Professional Firefighters Association on Election Day, November 5, 2002. Hansen agreed that, in return for $2,500, employees of Mylo Enterprises would place repeated hang-up calls to those numbers on that day. At Hansen’s direction, employees of Mylo Enterprises in Idaho placed several hundred hang-up calls to those New Hampshire telephone numbers on that morning before the scheme was discontinued.

For the political junkies in the crowd, in the most recent election, Democrats won both House seats in New Hampshire and the governorship, something that has not happened since 1912 in the Granite State (see Boston.Com article here). (ph)

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