Thursday, November 16, 2006

Abramoff's Farewell: "We Are Not Even Half Way Through"

Former superlobbyist Jack Abramoff headed off to the federal correctional institution at Cumberland (link here), in Western Maryland.  The facility has a medium-security prison and a satellite camp, where he will serve his six-year prison term on bank fraud and corruption convictions.  Before entering the FCI, Abramoff sent a final e-mail (here) to friends that talks about where he finds himself at this point in his life and some of the mechanics of the federal prison system.  Near the closing, he makes the following statement that may send chills down the spines of many on Capitol Hill (and perhaps even the White House): "This nightmare has gone on for almost 3 years so far and I expect we are not even half way through."  Half way through what?  Abramoff will likely spend over four years in prison, even with the good time credits and a possible reduction for participating in an alcohol rehabilitation program, so he may be talking about his incarceration.  On the other hand, if he's referring to possible testimony in future cases, they must be prosecutions that have not yet come to light in criminal indictments because everyone who has been charged so far has entered a guilty plea.  While Abramoff is in Cumberland for a while, he's awfully close to Washington D.C. and perhaps not too far from the attention of some. (ph)

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