Monday, October 2, 2006

What Will Causey's Sentence Be?

After watching Andrew Fastow's sentence be reduced to six (6) years, despite a clear plea agreement that called for ten (10) years, one has to wonder what sentence will be imposed on Richard Causey.  Tom Kirkendall at Houston ClearThinkers has a discussion of the plea here and the plea agreement can be found here

The language in the plea agreement is clear.  It states, "Defendant cannot and will not be sentenced to a period of incarceration of less than 60 months.  Defendant further agrees that he will not move for a downward departure on any grounds and that no such grounds are applicable."

According to the agreement, Richard Causey faces a minimum sentence of five years.  Will the court place Causey's sentence on the lower end of the range in light of the new circumstance - the reduction of Fastow's sentence.  Or will the court go below the 60 months despite the agreement, as occurred in the Fastow sentencing? Stay tuned - October 19th is the day.   


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