Saturday, October 21, 2006

More Campaign Tomfoolery

A letter sent to 14,000 Democrat voters in Orange County warned that if they were immigrants and tried to vote they could be jailed and deported.  Viewed as an attempt at voter intimidation, the letter turns out to have come from the campaign office Tan Nguyen, who is challenging incumbent Loretta Sanchez for a House seat.  Nguyen has acknowledged his campaign is the source, but denied personal knowledge of it.  Despite calls from party leaders that he withdraw from the race, Nguyen has vowed to remain in the race, and the U.S. Immigration Reform Political Action Committee even reiterated its endorsement of Nguyen.  Things may get a bit dicier for Nguyen, however, as an AP story (here) notes that ten agents from the California Department of Justice executed a search warrant at Nguyen's campaign office.  Agents later searched Nguyen's home and that of a campaign staffer.  This is probably not the kind of publicity Nguyen was looking for. (ph)

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