Friday, October 13, 2006

Lord Black's "Difficulties"

The Wall Street Jrl here tells of the life Conrad Black is leading despite charges pending against him. Oftentimes those who are alleged to have committed white collar crimes remain hidden during the pendency of the case.  Lord Black, however, has been on the social scene, even serving as a speaker at Toronto's Empire Club. 

The article also speaks of whether Black is trying to reinstate his Canadian citizenship in case he is convicted, thus allowing him to serve any sentence issued in Canada.  Prisoner Transfer Treaties allow a person convicted in one country to serve their sentence in another country. (see here).  "However, a prisoner is not eligible for transfer until the judgment and sentence in his case is final; that is, when no appeals or collateral attacks are pending." (Id.) But perhaps this entire conversation is premature as Conrad Black has only been indicted, and that does not mean the government will be successful in proving a case against him.


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