Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Kobi Alexander Gets Bail

Kobi Alexander, former CEO of Comverse who was found in Namibia (see here), has now appeared in court and according to the Wall Street Journal he was granted bail. (see here

The question will now be whether Namibia will extradite Alexander back to the United States. Bloomberg News reports here that the initial charges related to alleged backdating may not be all that is involved in this matter, as a US rep argued that Alexander allegedly "tried to bribe a colleague to take the blame."

This raises some new questions.  Can Alexander be extradited premised upon charges related to backdating, or is this not a crime in Namibia and therefore beyond the Dual Criminality Rule (see here)?  Would having a charge of bribery be a better basis for permitting the extradition so that the dual criminality rule is not violated? 



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Nowadays except for North Korea and Iran, few countries would want to goad a very irritated America over the two bit financial criminal the Department of Justice is hot to prosecute.

Small countries with a little common sense and an eye to the future play ball. That's why Israel coughed up Meyer Lansky who no doubt bought plenty of Israel Bonds and gave generously at the Yom Kippur appeal. (He was a guy for whom Kol Nidre was his very favorite prayer!)

Posted by: MARK KLEIN, M.D. | Oct 4, 2006 7:40:11 AM

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