Monday, September 18, 2006

The Latest on HP

One hardly has to look very far to find newspaper discussions giving the latest news on the HP "matter."  The NYTimes reports here on the extensiveness of the alleged "illicit gathering of private phone records and direct surveillance of board members and journalists."  The Wall Street Jrl notes here the leak may have continued for some time. The LA Times (AP) discusses here the alleged "pretexting" that is at issue with regard to the surveillance conducted on directors of the company. Clearly the impropriety and possible criminality is a subject of discussion.  But another aspect of this case is how easy it is to obtain information on people, and how important information is today. Identity theft and computer criminality are key areas that involve compromising information. 


Addendum- Also see article here - "Privilege Likely to Be No Protection for HP Execs Summoned by Congress" by Susan Beck and Justin Scheck. (w/ a hat tip to Lee Feldman)

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