Saturday, September 16, 2006

National Institute Securities Fraud

When: September 28-29th  (corrected)

Where: Washington, D.C. - Fairmont Hotel

What:National Institute on Securities Fraud

"From Enron to WorldCom to investigations of mutual fund practices and finite reinsurance transactions, securities fraud has dominated the news on the business pages for the past four years. This Securities Fraud National Institute will provide an in-depth, cutting edge and rewarding educational experience for all practitioners, including prosecutors, regulators, compliance officers and defense counsel, in this exciting and headline-making field. The very best from the SEC, DOJ, corporations and top-tier law firms will share their insights about a multitude of important subjects including:

• How to handle/represent whistleblowers

• How to cope with and conduct internal investigations

• Compliance: Is your client making it or faking it?

• How to cope with parallel investigations by the SEC, DOJ and plaintiffs

• Multiple charges: Fighting the two, three, and four-front war

• Criminal provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley

• When regulatory violations become criminal prosecutions

• Outside accountants as gatekeepers

The Securities Fraud National Institute Planning Committee, in cooperation with the Criminal Justice Section (White Collar Crime Committee), Section of Business Law, and the Section of Litigation are committed to providing an educational and professional forum to discuss the legal and ethical issues that arise in securities fraud matters in both panel presentations and break-out sessions."


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