Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Prosecutorial Overreaching"

Professors Christine Hurt and Joan Hemingway are having an interesting conversation over at Conglomerate Blog here.  To some extent what is happening in the criminal/business area has happened for many a year outside this context.  For one, the role of the grand jury has been in need of reform. ( see NACDL Reform Project here). What is fascinating is the increased discussion of issues once the white collar/business individuals are subject to what others may have faced for many a year.



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Thank you for pointing out the ironic environment which we find ourselves in. To high corporate officials take notice of the coercive nature of much that passes as normal in investigations. It is important to note that many have been complaining for years about the coercive treatment of Poor and minorities, with little notice being taken. I personally believe its still a favorable environment for white collar criminals, because they make bail and don't have to depend on overworked underpaid Public defenders, they do not experience the magnitude of coercion faced by the poor. PBS has an excellent show archived on its web site which has been around with notice for years.

Posted by: Ronald X. Groeber, Ball State Univ | Aug 16, 2006 7:29:57 PM

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