Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cold Money

According to reports here on a government affidavit, $ 90,000 was found in the refrigerator of Rep. William J. Jefferson. But why he had this money, is of course the key question. And how, if at all, does this connect to Atiku Abubakar, the vice president of Nigeria, who denies involvement in any illegal activities with Rep. Jefferson? 

The Washington Post here tells a sad story of money found in a refrigerator. But whether that money was a fruit of illegal activity, remains to be seen.  The allegations here present a host of questions for DOJ lawyers and the FBI to try and unravel.  Should anyone from this investigation become part of a criminal matter, it certainly could present some challenging international issues. The issues could range anywhere from who is entitled to immunity from criminal jurisdiction, to whether a witness from another country has constitutional rights, to how to procure official and unofficial records from abroad.  On the other hand, prosecutors learning from other white collar cases of the past few years have noticed that keeping things simple assists in procuring a criminal conviction.  But first, of course, needs to be decided whether anyone committed any crimes that warrant indictment, and if so, who in fact committed the crimes.


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